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GDPR –  Handbook & Business Templates
For Australian On-line Businesses and Entrepreneurs

The Master Advisor Program is delighted to present this GDPR Handbook and Business Templates.


The GDPR Handbook and business templates have been put together to assist Australian businesses to implement this compulsory new European Law on Global Data Protection Regulations.

This kit includes information to help your organization create a culture of compliance so you can easily update your processes to meet the new EU Guidelines.

Who Prepared the Kits. MoJoU Limited in the UK have trained 1,100 companies, 4,500 Churches, 450 Schools, 11 Universities, 19 Accountants, 6 Law firms, 3 leisure clients, 20 Charities, 4 Transport companies, 70 others and 10 Managed Service Resellers.  The Master Advisor Program has an exclusive relationship with them in Australia.

Meet Rev Mark James the CEO of MoJoU, Privacy & Security Compliance Expert

Why this kit is needed: If you have European citizens as customers then compliance is compulsory.  Any person processed by an EU data Controller and their processors irrespective of geography., either directly or indirectly can be fined up to Twenty million Euros or 4% of your global income, not just your European Income apply.

The kit includes the following:

A GDPR Handbook

This handbook is a guide to the forthcoming global impact of the General Data Protection Regulation on the world and the necessity for Australian Small businesses, entrepreneurs and startups to consider the possible impact on existing – or planned – business ventures.

It is a summary of the key Principles that you need to be aware of, is followed by selected primary government papers specifically relating to Australian businesses and the possible effects of the legislation on business in this country.

The Entry Level Business Templates included will be released on 20 June:

  1. GDPR Handbook
  2. GDPR Check-List
  3. Website Terms and Conditions and Disclaimers document
  4. Website Privacy Policy document
  5. An email Privacy Notice
  6. Cookie policy
  7. Processor Agreement
  8. Document Retention Period Check-List
  9. Marketing Check-List
  10. Employee Privacy Notice
  11. Processor Agreement
  12. Data Mapping example
  13. Glossary of GDPR Terms
  14. A video explaining the kit
  15. Twenty minutes of initial  advice by an Australian lawyer to ensure Australian law is covered.
  16. Twenty minutes initial advice by a technical compliance expert
  17. One months on-line email support while you go through the documents
  18. Access to videos and Webinars about GDPR
  19. One months free access to 2 hours of GDPR video training and a heap of more templates to access.  MoJoU’s online portal is a remarkable storehouse of knowledge about becoming compliant which you will find invaluable training. Being compliant means being diligent with process and we want every business to have access to all the information.

Cost of the Kit is $495.00 (includes GST)

Important: When you get the kit, look over the templates. You will then be sent an email  to make a time to talk to a lawyer and/or a technical GDPR compliance expert for a 20 minute chat each.

The team of Lawyers and Technical Compliance Experts in Australia and in the UK will be on hand  to support you in understanding, implementing and managing your Data Protection

Skyline Education Foundation will receive a donation from every kit sold.  For a more focused discussion with Skyline Education Foundation Phone 0468 406814

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Speak to Mary Anne about the GDPR Handbook and templates by emailing her at  or ring 0412340622