“Both myself and my business partner were extremely impressed with the Mentor Mary Anne introduced to our business Source My Parts.
John (Mentor) was able to provide strategic and tailored advise for our growing business. He was able to assist with developing and improving our business plan and prioritising our future goals and objectives. He was also able to provide key business contacts particularly in the finance industry.
Having our business located in Perth, Western Australia and having a Mentor in Melbourne has not been an issue, with John making himself available at any time of the day.
Moving forward we see John as a valuable asset to our business and look forward to a continual and successful business relationship with him.”

Andrew Holdsworth
General Manager, Source My Parts

“I have had the pleasure to work with Mary-Anne on several projects over the last few decades. Her style and grace in nurturing empowered networks is something to aspire to. Mary Anne was helpful in my early career growth, offering advice, support and connectivity during my time leading the seeingmachines.com team as we spun out of ANU. Mary Anne’s energy and leadership around the Science Festival was infectious and drew me in to be a volunteer and continue championing STEM education. More recently, I have the great pleasure of supporting Mary Anne in corporate workshops where I saw deep strategic interaction, insight and growth in both the participants and facilitators. Mary Anne is someone I will always find time to learn from and support as she continues to educate, support and grow opportunities for those around her.”

Glenn Dickens, Architect of Convergence at Dolby

“If you are lucky enough to become a business friend of Mary-Anne Waldren’s you have indeed struck gold. I have known Mary-Anne for 18 years and we have worked on a number of business opportunities, from Board to Community interests. She facilitated networks that have led to sustained benefits for me as a keynote speaker, author, business woman and academic. Mary-Anne has an incredible capacity for sharing wisdom, partnering and finding opportunities to profile professionals in ways that no one else does.”

Sheryle Moon, Businesswoman, Start-Up and ICT Industry Business Leader