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The Master Advisor Program delivers a series of media services and events and online  and physical workshops and webinars and connects individual’s businesses owners to leaders to be mentored.

Need an introduction to a Master Advisor for mentoring, media placement or development of media program, obtaining a board member or an investor contact Mary Anne by email.

ABOUT Mary Anne Waldren

Mary Anne brings leaders together to mentor others. Brokering, connecting and mentoring business people and boards are her specialty. Mary Anne was born into business and knows her way around the corridors of power. She builds capacity of leaders through connection and collaboration. Mary Anne, known for creating and actioning exceptional ideas, brokers relationships, mentors and connects leaders to step up and stand out in their lives. Mary Anne was the driver of the million-dollar Australian Science Festival and multi-million-dollar National Science Week. She has also engineered the delivery of more than 80 Radio National TV and radio broadcasts for numerous clients. An accomplished author, TedX speaker, and company director, Mary Anne runs a Master Series of training programs for entrepreneurs, corporates, not-for-profits and government leaders. She is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, has advised international governments on business and has sat on numerous government, private, not-for-profit and association boards. Mary Anne has a Master’s Degree in Management, is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, holds a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, and holds a swag of other qualifications.

Phone or Email Mary Anne on 0412340622 maryanne@mawaction.com.au