Get Compliant in 5 Days

Get Demonstrably Compliant in 5 days

Are you a business that has up to 15 employees, then this offer might work for you to become compliant?

GDPR Delivered as a Service

There are a number of challenges for any growing business but some are unique to the Small to medium business arena. “Wearing lots of hats” is one common theme in this space, doing lots of jobs. Another common theme is “missing skill gaps” – not knowing certain things or how to do certain things, stuff you either need external help on, ignore or you invest time and money into without knowing the true payback, all of this whilst dealing with your business growth. So, what happens when you need to comply to new legal requirements? Either because of a regulation change, suppliers or clients demand it or as best practice thus keeping you in the game? And then, there is doing the day job!

This is one area The Master Advisor Program and MoJoU have sought to answer in relation to companies seeking to comply to the new EU General Data Protection Regulations otherwise known as GDPR.  With the above in mind we have come up with a solution that we know works because clients are using and loving it.

The “fit for five” solution focuses on specific companies that the above summarises. To further qualify for this solution, you are most likely in possession of limited personally Identifiable information? Your customers are business to business and you have somewhere between 1-15 employees. Ultimately, we assess every interested party to ensure both parties are confident in the outcome.

So, what is fit for five?

Essentially, we work with you to get you demonstrably compliant in 5 days.

A typical example:

Day 1 – We come to site or we connect to you via a video call. This session has a number of components that work out over 6 hours. These include

  • Overview training, Key person Interviews, Business discovery (understanding your data) Key information gathering and a Q&A.
  • The remaining 2 hours is used typically for ongoing correspondence.

Day 2-4 – Document writing to include Maps and risk assessments, policies etc

Day 5 Will be to launch your GDPR programme – It includes your ongoing framework (e.g. includes how you manage areas such as breach, complaint handling, new processes, training)

Beyond this:

  • *You will have free access to email support for 30 days
  • *Free portal access (Manage your GDPR) – Includes advanced training

Exclusions & your commitment:

  • We don’t carry out any IT / Cyber Audits as part of this offer but this will be needed. Recommendations can be given to have this completed.
  • We don’t write legal contracts although we do provide frameworks and content and can put you in contact with an affordable Australian legal team to check these for you.
  • We don’t carry out the work on consecutive days (primary reasons include your commitment & information flow)
  • We rely on your full support as we gather information and bring you through GDPR
  • We don’t expect you to pay for additional days for works we committed to do at the start or are in scope
  • You will manage your GDPR ongoing and update us via the portal

If you would like to investigate GDPR delivered to you as a service contact our team today.

All this for only AUD$5,700

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The Master Advisor Program is delighted to be working with  MoJoU Limited in the UK.  They have trained 1,100 companies, 4,500 Churches, 450 Schools, 11 Universities, 19 Accountants, 6 Law firms, 3 leisure clients, 20 Charities, 4 Transport companies, 70 others and 10 Managed Service Resellers.  The Master Advisor Program has an exclusive relationship with them in Australia.