The Master Advisor Program loves working on media campaigns

Sometimes they involve events, sometime they involve putting panels together for an ABC Radio National one hour outside broadcast, occasionally it could be a National Press Club Address or getting people placed on Television programs.  Sometimes it’s a launch or strategically managing an executives profile to stand up and stand out in their industry.  Whatever your interest, Mary Anne can work with you to shine in the media spot light.

If you are interested in strategic outcomes.  Get in touch with Mary Anne to help you get your message wider.

Strategic Outcomes to Influence Agendas

Working strategically with Mary Anne can have phenomenal media outcomes. Mary Anne has toured 38 international guests around Australia whose profiles have been heightened as a result.

Lord Robert Winston from the UK flew into Canberra for several hours. Lord Robert Winston did a national press club address which was covered on the front page of every newspaper in Australia. Majors policy makers were in the room and funding for one National Institution changed as a direct result of this event.

Working with Mary Anne to develop event ideas can have remarkable outcomes. The Water Olympics she staged at the Canberra Centre some years back had celebrities, scientists and wine makers tasting drinking water from every state in Australia and rating the findings. Melbourne water won and the event was covered on the front page of every major newspaper in the country.

When Mary Anne was engaged by Beyond Blue’s Kate Carnell to work on an outside broadcast on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Mary Anne developed an event called “Boys Don’t Cry”.  It was aired on ABC Television and ABC Radio National’s Big Ideas program when the troops came back from Afghanistan.  The programs were repeated on Anzac Day.  Kate Carnell attributed the increased funding from Veteran Affairs to Beyond Blue and Soldier On (who were on the panel) as a direct result of the work Mary Anne had done on delivering this event.

The CRC Association engaged Mary Anne to run a program called “Making and Influencing Millions in Science” which featured some of Australia’s most Celebrated Scientists.  Robyn Williams from ABC Radio National’s Science Science Show covered it in front of over 1000 people in the audience.  His comments at the time were “Mary Anne is an inspiration and a legend”. Mary Anne however, claims that it was the ABC who was the draw card to get them there!

If you are into collaboration and aligning agendas, get in touch with Mary Anne.


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